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About us

“Shirakawa Suigen water spring”, an one of the top100 beautiful and pure water in Japan, is springing out over 60tons of natural water every minutes. To feel and drink pure water, there are many visitors from all over the world.

Our shop is located in front of Shirakawa water spring. We selected many kinds of Japanese traditional paper product named “Washi” and famous Japanese high-quality towel “Imabari towel” for your souvenir.

In addition to shopping, you can also try our handmade paper production activity. We are waiting for your visit with all our smile.


Traditional handmade paper making activity: 1 of Square paper or 2 of postcard. 1,000JPY/person

You can make your original handmade paper by using Japanese traditional method and Shirakawa natural water. During this activity, you can feel the purity of Shirakawa natural water. This Japanese traditional method of handmade paper doesn’t make pollution for water, so it is very ecological and natural activity.

Activity is very short time program, you only spend around 10-15mins for making, and drying paper process will spends only around 15mins. During drying paper, you can enjoy transparency of Shirakawa water spring in the front of my shop. …Read more

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